Building the future of cannabis. Naturally.

“We exist to responsibly shape a future where cannabis is considered a viable alternative in mainstream healthcare for patients and consumers. Leading the way in research and expanding access to high-quality cannabis products, while respecting our planet and its people is what we’re all about.”

Nicholas Balk – Trichome Pharma CEO

Standing on the shoulders of giants.

Spain has a rich history in cannabis, dating back to the 15th century when it was first traded and utilized for industrial purposes. Since then, Spain's scientific community has made significant contributions towards the understanding of cannabis and its applications in modern healthcare. At Trichome Pharma, we're deeply committed to preserving, sharing and building on this legacy because it takes collective effort to make lasting change.

360° Sustainability

Trichome Pharma incorporates a holistic view of sustainability from seed to sale, considering a comprehensive range of environmental, social and governance issues. From organically certified cultivation sites, to ethically sourced ingredients, and sustainable packaging. We care about our societal impact and aim to help build sustainable communities by choosing to grow and manufacture locally, as well as invest in agricultural education and skills development initiatives.
Leveraging decades of knowledge and experience with best-in-class partners to deliver excellence across the entire cannabis value chain.

Medicinal Cannabis

Providing greater access to high quality cannabis, we grow outdoors on c. 400 hectares of lush organic-certified agricultural farmland in Northern Spain.

Focused on sustainable farming practices while achieving the highest standards of quality for medicinal grade starter materials and finished products.

Research & Development

Our research and development platform is the backbone of every activity in our business, including bringing the latest technology and agronomical practices to our farming activities and exploring novel formulations or applications for our range of finished products.

Our agronomic R&D activities include novel micropropagation and conservation techniques for large-scale plant production, the study and selection of cannabis genetics, and the development of innovative cultivation strategies and protocols to optimize plant quality, performance and potency.

Consumer Healthcare

Trichome Pharma’s Consumer Healthcare division uses its insights and access to innovation to build consumer-centric brands with purpose, targeting emerging and high-growth categories in the burgeoning wellness landscape.

We’re developing Spain’s first family of brands based on phytocannabinoids and other hemp derivatives.