What we do

Trichome Pharma is a leading pharmaceutical company specialized in the cultivation, development, and commercialization of medicinal-grade cannabis and consumer healthcare products.

Our activities include agronomic research, product innovation, brand development, market access and distribution, as well as education and social awareness. Trichome Pharma’s agricultural operations, consisting of organically certified outdoor cultivation and low-touch greenhouse facilities, provide the perfect conditions for growing the best and highest quality cannabis available. Downstream, we’re developing Spain’s first family of wellness brands based on phytocannabinoids, targeting high-growth consumer healthcare niches with attractive margins.

"I think there is much more to discover from both the agricultural and medicinal side of things, and I am thrilled at the opportunity to learn more about the properties of this amazing plant"
- Manuel Rodríguez, Director of Agriculture

the future,

We’re on a Mission.

To establish the next generation of alternative healthcare by unlocking the true potential of cannabis to enhance patient and consumer quality of life.

Every decision we make is guided by our shared values. Arriving at our destination and how we get there are equally important.


A cornerstone of our business are the people whom we place at the center of everything we do, from employees to customers to the community of farmers, institutions, suppliers, and investors that all contribute to and share in our success. This will never change.

We see ourselves as both responsible leaders and contributors to the next generation of cannabis in Spain where diversity, equity, and inclusion are valued, because the more open we are to different perspectives, experiences and ideas, the better decisions we make going forward.


Sustainability is anchored to our purpose – improving peoples’ lives by providing better and greater access to high-quality cannabis.

We commit through everyday actions to leave as little impact on the environment as possible, while maximizing opportunities for the communities we work with to thrive.

Scientific Integrity

At our core is an unrelenting focus on quality and efficacy, which we incorporate in all areas of our business. Simply put, we develop products that work.

No outrageous claims, fully transparent and always held to the strictest standards of testing and quality. Our customers, commercial partners and community deserve nothing less.