Small footprints = big impact

At our core, is a deeply rooted belief that leaving a small footprint can have a big impact. Sustainability is about making choices. Every choice we make considers the environment around us. This means not only protecting our precious ecosystems through sustainable farming and production practices but also reinvesting in the communities and the people that depend on them. It's also about having the right governance in place to guide those choices in pursuit of our goals.
Carbon Impact
It is estimated that one hectare of cannabis grown outdoors can sequester 9-15 tons of CO2, equivalent to the same amount captured by a young forest, but only takes up to five months to grow.

Low Carbon Footprint

Agriculture is responsible for around 10% of the EU's greenhouse gas emissions. We strive to keep GHG emissions low by cultivating outdoors and in low-touch greenhouse facilities, equipped with advanced technologies to reduce our dependence on finite natural resources.

No Chemicals

No chemicals are used in the process of growing our cannabis, we let nature do the work. Our farms are certified organic and use biological inputs to maintain the surrounding nature in perfect balance. Downstream, we work closely with 3rd parties to ensure all of our products are held to the highest standards and developed using the most natural and ethically sourced ingredients possible.

Soil Regeneration

Cannabis is a fast-growing crop whose abundant leaves provide natural soil cover, reducing water loss and erosion as a consequence. In addition, its phytoremediation capacity contributes to the removal of heavy metals from the soil, which left untreated could potentially enter our food and water supply.

Community Values

We're active in the communities that we operate in; facilitating dialogue between local stakeholders to ensure the safe and responsible evolution of cannabis regionally, as well as providing education and skills training to promote job security and career development. We value integrity, transparency, and good ethics, all of which has been built into a governance framework that guides every decision, big or small.